1. Terms of Service (TOS):
  1. Volume Licenses are virtual products (electronic products) and are not supplied with any media or other physical products.
  2. Products are guaranteed with a functional warranty
  3. Buyer is responsible for ensuring software compatibility with the hardware.
  4. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that the product to be ordered corresponds to his / her needs.
  5. Problems related to the activation of the software must be notified immediately, but no later than three days after the date of purchase.
  6. An already submitted license can not be returned unless there is a clear fault in the software provided and if the failure can not be corrected within a reasonable time. Within a reasonable time, this term refers to remedies performed within 48 hours performed by the Serverium staff. Remedies may include, for example: 1.) delivery of a new software code or 2.) remote client access to verify the problem.
  7. In case of problems, contact the email immediately and describe the quality of the problem and take a screenshot of the event. If the quality of the problem is independent of the customer, we will immediately provide a replacement license.
  8. In order to exclude misuses and software malfunctions, and before submitting a replacement product, we reserve the right to claim a remote desktop connection (TeamViewer) to a clients’ computer, as stated in Section 6, Part 2.